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Bill Herron - Principal

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Past Work

Doing our best to know the difference between bragging and good salesmanship.

Online Monitoring
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Built software infrastructure for large Gaming Payments provider

We had a unique opportunity to build most of the new infrastructure for what has grown into one of the largest Gaming Payments providers in the United States.  This included everything from the casino desktop client, to the middleware, to the back-end servers and services.  Long project, whew!

IBM i Custom Communications Software

Using numerous communications technologies, have designed and implemented many custom software solutions for clients in Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Distribution, and Gaming Payments, and others.

Developed ZCOM series of IBM i5 communications products

Designed and developed the ZCOM communications software for IBM midrange customers.  Still working on new versions.

Wide variety of language expertise

We have developed expertise in a wide variety of languages, including Java, RPG/400, .NET, C, CL, and several more...


What We Offer

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Designers Working

Free Consultations Welcome

We might not always be able to help, but would be happy to try.  Please give us a call.

Coding by the Hour

We are available on an hourly basis for project-oriented work.  Our rates are pretty reasonable.

Custom Software Development

If you need something to talk to your IBM i, or your IBM i to talk to something, we can write a custom solution for you.

Complete Project Management

We aren't just coders.  We can take your project from start to finish, including requirements definition, design, coding, and project documentation.


We are interested in helping you

If you have a few minutes to explain what you are trying to accomplish, please give us a call.

Bill Herron - Principal

425 California Street

San Francisco, California


(415) 788-9680

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